Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Tale of Two Gardens

A land owner had two gardens. He gave his first son the northern garden and his second son the southern garden. Each garden had equal sun light, rain and supply of workers. The first son loved tulips. He studied their varieties and the science of their growth. He commanded his workers to plant in his field all these varieties in colors and hues. He commanded them to rise early and care for this garden every day with no rest. The second son loved the garden and its workers. He gave them each a plot of the garden and told them to plant as they wish. They may work as they please, and sell their plot to another worker.

The two sons later died. In the northern garden, there was no one to command the workers. The tulips died and the workers abandoned the field. The southern garden's workers continued to take care of their plots. Lazy workers would sell their plots to give way to more eager and productive workers.

We live between these two gardens. We work for the son who treats the field as would a mercenary, without regard for the garden or the worker. The purpose of the garden and the worker is his own glory and the glory of his tulip. Some of us live in gardens where despite knowing a better flower, are restricted from growing. For some of us this is not flowers but rice, or automobiles or new business models that may lift our countrymen out of poverty.

May we all one day live in the southern garden, with a master who loves the field and its worker. May we live in such a garden where the master's reward is the growth of the field and worker for its own sake. May wild flowers in all their sizes and shapes grow in this garden with worker and flower alike surviving beyond the life of their master.


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Unknown said...

A very impressive story. Only those people work with respect, they can work well and develop their own potentials, the most important is that it can help them to sustain their competition and survive.

For those people who are set by too many rules or restricts by their masters, one day, their masters die, they won't be survive because they don't know what should they follow to work, so poor!

I like one saying very much from a book I read before, "If you teach someone to fish, you let him/her survive forever; however, if you give him/her a fish, you won't let him/her survive forever." Obviously, teaching someone how to fish is better than giving someone fish...