Thursday, May 10, 2007

Would You Change Your Opinion on Free Trade If It Harmed You Personally?

It is easy to talk about free trade in a classroom, however they effect real lives. Mine is one of them.
The last IT job I held was at a start-up company. One day I finished a project and my supervisors were overjoyed over my progress. The next day I had to return home to my newly wed wife and report to her that I was laid off.
We were married not longer than 2 years. We had a mortgage and now only one income. At that time, offshoring had reached its prime. IT companies were sprouting in India, while all the IT jobs in the US were going away.
I had been a researcher and data analyst my whole working life. I knew nothing of economics, globilization or the workings of the outside world. Somehow I knew that this was all for good. You know the phrase "God closes a door and opens a window"? Well for me, God had closed a door, shut all the windows and left me there to sweat a while to realize one thing. I am responsible for my own outcome.
Over the course of two years I had worked as a secretary, a teacher, took close to 10 different standardized exams, was sworn in and discharged as an officer within 1 month from the US Navy, and finally got accepted into the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the Univ of Maryland.
I am thankful no one advocated for the protection of my job. If they did, I would have never experienced the opportunity for this new and rewarding career path.

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